Cheap Catholic Bibles For Prison Ministry

Have you ever heard, you don't look a gift horse in the mouth?  This can be applied to Bibles.  Lately, I've noticed too many Catholics do not own a bible.  Sometimes bibles (especially Spanish Language bibles) can be expensive.  to solve the problem I bought the digital NABRE bible and put it on my phone and gave away most of my bibles.    The problem is that I only had so many bibles I could give away and people still would like free bibles.  For my jail ministry I need bibles but its difficult to get donors to donate for jail ministry.  (If you want to donate towards jail ministry you can do so here: just inform me that they are for prison ministry.) Now I found a cheap way to get them their bibles.  The answer is buying used bibles on and Ebay.  I also found this is possible to do with the Catechism of the Catholic Church.  Unfortunately, I can't do this with Spanish Language bibles and Catechisms.   Those are still expensive.   I've been buying the used bibles and catechisms for about $4.80 shipped. I've made some bibles available at   If some one has a lead for Catholic Spanish Language bibles and Catechisms please let me know at FatherRosado (at)





In Spanish I found these for $3.99:

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