enters the US Market is entering the US Clerical Shirt market.  For priests here in the United States their are a few major brands for clerical shirts.  They can cost from $20 to $60.  With online ordering and decent shipping times priests can now purchase clerical shirts, vestments and just about anything from companies around the world.  I personally own vestments from India, Italy and Mexico.  I own clerical shirts from the USA, Italy and the UK. gave me one of their 100% easy care cotton shirts in order for me to try it and review it for this blog.  The shirt I have can be seen here:  As of today the shirt costs £29.95 pounds which is approximately $46.51 USD.  This cost does not include the cost of shipping.  I found the shirt to be similar in quality to the other clerical shirts I own.  It is the only shirt that I own that is 100% cotton.  I wish they would include two collar inserts with the shirt as it only comes with one and I tend to lose my collar inserts.  The shirt sizes are slightly different than in the US.  I'm a 15.5 in the US and I found this clerical shirt to be a bit big.  Perhaps ordering a half a size smaller would work.  In contrast I find my Italian 15.5 clerical shirts are a bit tight.  This of course might be do to the manufacturers of the clerical shirts and not the countries in which they are made.  If you like 100% cotton this might be the clerical shirt for you.  If you know a priest from the UK here in the USA perhaps they would like one as a gift from their home.  


Disclaimer:  I am not sure where the Magpie clerical shirt I have is manufactured as it does not say so on the label.  I wrote this article at the request of  I did receive a free clerical shirt in order to do so.   

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