Local New York talent to come to Goshen, NY

 I'm excited to announce that The Church of Saint John the Evangelist will be hosting the Nel Nutrition Concert.  It is a bilingual (Spanish/English) concert on November 22, 2013 from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm. Local Catholic Artists from New York will be performing.  Admission is only $5 and kids under 10 are free. Use the form below to purchase your tickets.  Use the promo code: thanks at checkout to get $1.50 off your general admission tickets.  Valid only on online ticket purchases.



From Manhattan

The Symbol

Born in the early 90’s this young Hispanic from the Bronx, Ny Brandon was born into being an artist.  At two years old he was in the studio with his uncle DJ Kered watching, learning, and observing, forming his musical craft.  His early years were spent on stage acting, in the art room creating visual masterpieces, and playing in the school band.  Though his artistic influences were vast, his heart was in Hip Hop.  In Junior High, you could find young Feel-X in the lunchroom and in the schoolyard battle rapping to get his respect as a short light skinned Hispanic in a predominantly African-American environment.
     By the time Brandon reached High School, he was in the poetry club and performing at various Open Mics across the city.  In his sophomore year Brandon was selling mix-tape CD’s out of his locker and in Homeroom.  By senior year he had co-founded street wear clothing line Lethal Inspiration and performed in an international battle of the bands competition called Blast-Beat making it all the way to the Semi-finals.
However, although art took the forefront of Brandon’s life he still felt incomplete. His creative skills served useful as a young entrepreneur, and his passion and zeal for being a hero moved him into using all of these skills in creating “conscious” art.  The problem was that main stream media sources, management, and marketing did not want to support this level of consciousness.
     Brandon moved into assisting various community organizations and churches with his skills.  This service work gave him a more enhanced sense of spirituality, thus moving him to work with greater purpose than ever before and created his art and multimedia company named “All is Love”. The mission of All is Love is to create a culture of complete self-sacrificial, and service giving love for all of mankind through the arts and media entertainment.  In October of 2013 he changed his artist name to The Symbol.


From Orange County NY appearing at Saint John’s for the second time

Ministerio de Alabanza Juan 3,16

Ministerio de Alabanza Juan 3,16 is Spanish for the John 3:16 Ministry of Praise. In about 2006 they began with collaboration between John P Rivera (Keyboards) and Daniel Ramos (Director/Guitar). The current band was solidified with percussion by Eduardo Romero and Robert Garcia, and Carlos Miranda on bass.  They released their first album “Por Tu Inmenso Amor” in 2010.


And from Mamoreneck, NY

Wilfredo Ortiz

Wilfredo has a following amongst the Spanish Speaking Charasmatic Catholics in New York.  He will be performing in Mexico in December of 2013 and has appeared in other parts of New York.  He is excited to bring his traditional Merengue with a Catholic twist to Goshen, NY this November.



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