Thank You

Thank you to all my generous donors.  My WYD 2016 trip is fully funded!!!!!  All checks that I receive now for WYD will go directly to helping the youth of my parish attend!  Trust in God!  I knew I couldn't afford it but I trusted it would work out.  I paid a few payments on my own.  I wrote letters and asked people for help and people were extremely generous.  This is the method I used.  I sent letters explaining to people what World Youth Day is and why I wanted to go.  I then asked them to donate any amount and informed them that regardless of their ability to donate I would be praying for them in Poland.  I sent a self addressed stamped envelope with every letter that I sent out.  I raised enough money to pay my whole trip and I already have a surplus which will help others in my parish.  I only sent about 33 letters out.  Write a letter to everyone you know.  Pray and ask God.  Then pray and get ready for a great encounter with the Youth of the World, Pope Francis and most importantly Jesus!  I ask that you pray for me that I may help many youth to go to Jesus at World Youth Day 2016!


Want to help the kids in my parish?


Send checks to

Incarnation Church
c/o Father Rosado
1290 Saint Nicholas Ave
New York, NY 10033

Want to go to a concert which will benefit the kids of our parish attending World Youth Day?  Go to

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