Pilgrimage to the Holy Land

This Is, This Is, This Is my Body

The picture above is of the Eucharistic miracle of Lanciano, Italy

Today is the Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ.  Jesus says this is my body and this is my blood.  He does not say it is similar or it represents my body and my blood.  He says this is my body and my blood.  At Mass today Jesus offers himself up again for us in an unbloody manner.  Their have been many Eucharistic miracles such as the Miracle in Lanciano, Italy which occred in 1730.  A priest doubted that the bread and wine really become the body and blood of Jesus.  The host turned into human flesh and bleed.  Upon further investigation it was discovered that the flesh was from a human heart and that the blood type was the same as on the Shourd of Turin.  As you well know the Shroud of Turin was used to cover the body of Our Lord when it was laid in the tomb.  When we are at Mass Jesus is literally present.  He literally comes to be united with us if we are in a state of grace!  We ought to have reverence at Mass.  It is God who is their waiting for us.  Remember Jesus said This Is my body and blood.


p.s.  it is Jesus himself through the priest who makes the bread and wine turn into his body and blood.  This is known as Transubstantiation. 

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