Vacations with God

It’s summer time.  In terms of weather, it is my favorite time of the year since I live here in New York.  If I lived in Argentina like Pope Francis did for so many years then my favorite time of the year would be December.  Since I’m Puerto Rican I enjoy the hot weather and really dislike the cold winters.  Summer is my favorite season.  Here in the US we are fortunate that summertime is also vacation time from school and for some from work as well.  This summer for my vacation I will be going to visit my parents in Puerto Rico and going on a missionary trip in Elias Piña, DR.  In Puerto Rico I will most likely be celebrating Mass in Santa Rosa de Lima in Rincon, PR.  I personally prefer to celebrate Mass in a parish with the local community when I travel.  When in DR we will be taking church supplies to a local church as well as school supplies to the poor children.  I have no idea where I will be celebrating Mass but I’m not worried about it because I am a priest and I will be carrying a Mass kit.  Before I was a priest however I always made sure I found out where Mass was taking place.  You can go to to find out what time Mass is anywhere in the world.  It is best to call the parish as sometimes the information at is not always up to date.  By knowing where Mass will take place we can take God with us on vacation!


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