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Spiritus Sancti Volume 2 Available Now!

Spiritus Sancti Volume 2 is a compilation of Contemporary Catholic Music.  It is available for FREE now at the Spiritus Sancti Music page.

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Basic Things

I have launched a new youtube show called Basic Things.  It will be available here on my home page, on the Basic Things Page and on my youtube channel: youtube.com/c/padrerosado The show will feature teachings about the Catholic Church and interviews with Catholic musicians.  Some shows will be pre-recorded and others will be streamed live from this website and my youtube channel.  Enjoy  episode 0 below.





Episode 0 - Introduction

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Santa and Christmas

check out this awesome video from CatholicsComeHome.org

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What is Advent?

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The English part of this show is at about the
14 minute mark.

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Christ is Greater than Columbus

Today we celebrate Columbus Day.  While people argue about whether or not this day should be celebrated as a holiday,  it is safe to say that most people enjoy the day off from work.  For most it is a day to be with their families.  For most children it means “no school on Monday!”  Today’s Gospel tells us that “…there is something greater than Jonah Here.” (See Luke 11: 29 -32.)  This made me think about our society today.  Our society knows how to take a day off.   I enjoy time with family as much as anybody else and a day off as much as anyone else.  Yet, we have an opportunity to take a day off for a reason greater than Columbus every week.  Every Sunday we remember the Life, Death and Resurrection of Jesus.  Jesus is God.  He is greater than Jonah, Columbus and everyone else.  Why don’t we close businesses on Sunday anymore?  I know that the answer is the Almighty Dollar.  We are required and invited to go to Mass by God every Sunday.  The Third Commandment does not say “thou shall keep Holy the Sabbath Day unless you work.”  We Catholics have the power to change things by prayer and by example.  The last job I held before entering the seminary was working Security for Burns Security at the old Yankee Stadium.  One Sunday we were told we had to be on post at a certain time because the Yankees were playing a 1 pm game on a Sunday.  I told my boss I could not be on post at the time he wanted me because the earliest Mass at Saint Joan of Arc was at 8 am.  To his credit he told me everyone had to be on post on time except me.  He told me to go to Mass and that he would hold my post.  My post was a desired one because it was on the third base side, in the front row were many celebrities attended the game.  These were the best seats in the House that Ruth Built.  When I arrived to work that Sunday and every Sunday after that he did not mind that I was late because I was putting God first. You should have seen his reaction when later in the season I gave him my letter stating that I was resigning because I was going to enter the seminary.  He thought it was a joke.  Thank God it was no joke and God gave me the gift of the priesthood.  Here are some suggestions if you are stuck working a job on a Sunday.  Remember, liturgically Sunday begins Saturday at 4 pm.  We can go to any Mass from Saturday at 4 pm until the last Mass on Sunday.  Look around while the last Mass in my parish is at 1:30 pm at Saint Joan of Arc in the Bronx they have a 7 pm Mass.  Also remember that we do not have to go to Mass in a language that we understand we just have to go to Mass.  A final thought is to exchange days off with a pious Muslim.  I know of one Muslim who will exchange his day off with any Catholic.  The Catholic will work his Friday and he will work their Sunday.  The same can be done with the pious Jew.  Their holy day is Saturday.  If you put God first you might suffer greatly but at the end of time when it really matters you will not regret it.

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Father Benedict J. Groeschel, CFR dies at age 81

Update 10/9/14

Fr. Benedict's Funeral Liturgies and Services are as follows:

10/9/14 Wake at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart located at 89 Ridge Street Newark, NJ, from 4 - 7 pm.  Prayer Vigil from 7 - 9

10/10/14 Funeral Mass at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart at 11 am.

The burial will take place at Most Blessed Sacrament Friary in Newark, NJ and it is not open to the public.  Please pray for the repose of the soul of Father Benedict J. Groeschel

On October 3rd at the age of 81 Father Benedict J. Groeschel, CFR passed away.  I remember him as my professor in seminary.  He was a very humble man, a great priest and a good writer.  His wake and memorial Mass are not available at this time.  I will update this blog post when they become available.  Regarding Father Benedict's death the CFRS released the following statement:

The Catholic Church and the Franciscan family lost a giant today. This moment is one that finds the Community of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal (CFR) with mixed emotions, as we are deeply saddened by the loss of Fr. Benedict but also relieved that God has set him free from the physical and mental suffering he has experienced over the past decade. The world knew Father Benedict as a priest, teacher, evangelist, retreat master, and a steadfast defender of and advocate for the Catholic Church that he loved so much. The members of his religious family saw all these things in him, too. But even more, we were also blessed to know him as a father who cared for each of us, a father who was always accessible when we needed him and always glad to see us when we came to visit. The words of a fellow Franciscan, Fr. Raniero Cantalamessa, describing St. Francis, characterize Fr. Benedict well, “His intuition of a universal brotherhood, extending to every creature, accompanied by his choice of minority, turn him and his followers into the brothers of every person, the enemies of none, and the companions of the least ones.” Fr. Benedict was a brother and a father to everyone he encountered. In a world often overwhelmed with darkness, He was a man filled with hope, a hope that he shared with both therich and poor alike. His love for others and deep desire to serve, sent him among poor families who were in need of assistance, young people trying to find their way, bishops faced with challenging decisions, priests and religious in need of an encouraging word, and the stranger who was far from God. Fr. Benedict was at home in every circumstance and every encounter. “The providence of God,” he would say, “was the mystery of God reaching out at every moment and revealing his love and presence to us all.” It is not an exaggeration to say that Fr. Benedict was selfless. Those who knew him well understood that it was simply his nature to be so. He poured himself out for others no matter what the cost and sometimes the cost to him was very great. To have known him was to have been helped by him and even loved by him. Our CFR Family and everyone who knew him received an enormous amount from Fr. Benedict. Probably more than we were ever able to give back. It was not simply his wealth of wisdom and knowledge from which many benefited. It was his profound faith and equally profound love, two gifts that he never failed to share generously. Join with us in praying for the repose of the soul of Fr. Benedict, for his family and Community, and also in thanksgiving for the legacy of renewal within the Church and Franciscan family that Fr. Benedict championed.

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Pilgrmage to see the Shroud of Turin

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Obedience is like a Diamond?

Obedience is like a Diamond in the rough.  When diamonds are first pulled out of the ground they can be dirty with mud.  They are also in rough shape and not ready to be placed into a ring or a chalice. However, after they are cleaned and cut diamonds are amazingly beautiful and ready to be set.  The same is true with obedience.  In the beginning, what is asked in obedience might not make sense nor is it desirable.  After a while however, the object of obedience becomes as beautiful as a diamond.  An example of this in my own life is when I was first sent to Saint John's as a seminarian.  I had never heard of Goshen, NY until I was assigned there.  The first week was rough, I didn't know anyone, there seemed to be anyone on the street and it was very quiet.  I originally grew up in the Bronx so this was all too different for me.  After my three years as a seminarian I was about to be ordained as a priest and I asked God to give me the gift of being assigned to Saint John's in Goshen, NY.  God was good to me and I was able to serve my first three years as a priest in Saint John's in Goshen, NY.  They were three wonderful years.  My diamond in the rough shined brightly.  I was very sad to leave my beloved parish and its people. My new diamond in the rough is my new assignment here in Incarnation in Manhattan.  I hope that in three years I will feel the same about my new parish as I did about my old parish.  So far the people here at Incarnation are wonderful.  Please pray for me and for all priests who have been transferred that we may get our diamonds in the rough to shine like the Star of David.   

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Father's Day Concert June 14 at Saint John's 7 pm to 9 pm.

Featuring professional recording artist Ela Love is All.



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Eye Witness Account of Canonizations of Saints John Paul II and John XXIII

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I'll Offer Mass for You in Italy!

As you may know I will be in Italy for the Canonizations of Blessed John Paul II and Blessed John XXIII.  I leave Monday and return on the 30th.  I'll offer mass for your intentions every time I celebrate Mass in Italy during this trip.  Just send your intentions to me at fatherrosado (at) fatherrosado.com  or tweet them @FatherRosadoNY or send them through the need prayer app (click here to get it).  The Masses will be for multiple intentions.  God Bless You.




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My Palm Sunday Homily

New Christianity Podcasts with FatherRosadodotcom talk on BlogTalkRadio

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Interview with Ela Love Is All

New Christianity Podcasts with FatherRosadodotcom talk on BlogTalkRadio

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Mass and Dinner with John Levi and Friends

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Sharing Your Gifts to Bring People to Jesus

This weekend I am preaching about the need of using our gifts in order to bring  Jesus to the people.  In the video above Sister Cristina does just that with her rendition of Alicia Key's "No One."  In today's Gospel the Samaritan woman is not sure of the true identity of Jesus.  In verse 19, she incorrectly calls him a prophet.  In verse 29, she doubts if Jesus is the Christ although Jesus reveals his identity to her in verse 26.  The amazing part of the Gospel is that she goes out tells the Samaritans about Jesus.  The Samaritans respond to the news of Jesus arrival by inviting him to stay for two days with them and he stays!  By virtue of our baptism all Catholics are called to preach Jesus to all the people of the world.  One way to do this is by using the gifts God has given us.  Recently at a retreat I attended I was inspired by a man cleaning toilets.  He was singing and dancing. He informed me that he did not need to be in the kitchen nor in the auditorium listening to the talks.  He stated that he was very content serving God by cleaning toilets.  It was simply amazing!  No gift no matter how small is insignificant.  Use your talents for Jesus.

 The Douay-Rheims version of today's Gospel is below.

 [5] He cometh therefore to a city of Samaria, which is called Sichar, near the land which Jacob gave to his son Joseph.

[6] Now Jacob' s well was there. Jesus therefore being wearied with his journey, sat thus on the well. It was about the sixth hour. [7] There cometh a woman of Samaria, to draw water. Jesus saith to her: Give me to drink. [8] For his disciples were gone into the city to buy meats. [9] Then that Samaritan woman saith to him: How dost thou, being a Jew, ask of me to drink, who am a Samaritan woman? For the Jews do not communicate with the Samaritans. [10] Jesus answered, and said to her: If thou didst know the gift of God, and who he is that saith to thee, Give me to drink; thou perhaps wouldst have asked of him, and he would have given thee living water.

[11] The woman saith to him: Sir, thou hast nothing wherein to draw, and the well is deep; from whence then hast thou living water? [12] Art thou greater than our father Jacob, who gave us the well, and drank thereof himself, and his children, and his cattle? [13] Jesus answered, and said to her: Whosoever drinketh of this water, shall thirst again; but he that shall drink of the water that I will give him, shall not thirst for ever: [14] But the water that I will give him, shall become in him a fountain of water, springing up into life everlasting. [15] The woman saith to him: Sir, give me this water, that I may not thirst, nor come hither to draw.

[16] Jesus saith to her: Go, call thy husband, and come hither. [17] The woman answered, and said: I have no husband. Jesus said to her: Thou hast said well, I have no husband: [18] For thou hast had five husbands: and he whom thou now hast, is not thy husband. This thou hast said truly. [19] The woman saith to him: Sir, I perceive that thou art a prophet. [20] Our fathers adored on this mountain, and you say, that at Jerusalem is the place where men must adore.

[20] This mountain: Garizim, where the Samaritans had their schismatical temple.

[21] Jesus saith to her: Woman, believe me, that the hour cometh, when you shall neither on this mountain, nor in Jerusalem, adore the Father. [22] You adore that which you know not: we adore that which we know; for salvation is of the Jews. [23] But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true adorers shall adore the Father in spirit and in truth. For the Father also seeketh such to adore him. [24] God is a spirit; and they that adore him, must adore him in spirit and in truth. [25] The woman saith to him: I know that the Messias cometh (who is called Christ). Therefore, when he is come, he will tell us all things.

[26] Jesus saith to her: I am he, who am speaking with thee. [27] And immediately his disciples came; and they wondered that he talked with the woman. Yet no man said: What seekest thou? or, why talkest thou with her? [28] The woman therefore left her waterpot, and went her way into the city, and saith to the men there: [29] Come, and see a man who has told me all things whatsoever I have done. Is not he the Christ? [30] They went therefore out of the city, and came unto him.

[31] In the mean time the disciples prayed him, saying: Rabbi, eat. [32] But he said to them: I have meat to eat, which you know not. [33] The disciples therefore said one to another: Hath any man brought him to eat? [34] Jesus saith to them: My meat is to do the will of him that sent me, that I may perfect his work. [35] Do you not say, There are yet four months, and then the harvest cometh? Behold, I say to you, lift up your eyes, and see the countries; for they are white already to harvest.

[36] And he that reapeth receiveth wages, and gathereth fruit unto life everlasting: that both he that soweth, and he that reapeth, may rejoice together. [37] For in this is the saying true: That it is one man that soweth, and it is another that reapeth. [38] I have sent you to reap that in which you did not labour: others have laboured, and you have entered into their labours. [39] Now of that city many of the Samaritans believed in him, for the word of the woman giving testimony: He told me all things whatsoever I have done. [40] So when the Samaritans were come to him, they desired that he would tarry there. And he abode there two days.

[41] And many more believed in him because of his own word. [42] And they said to the woman: We now believe, not for thy saying: for we ourselves have heard him, and know that this is indeed the Saviour of the world.

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Interview with Chris Padgett

Online Christianity Radio at Blog Talk Radio with FatherRosadodotcom talk on BlogTalkRadio

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Pre Concert interview with Tori Harris

Popular Christianity Internet Radio with FatherRosadodotcom talk on BlogTalkRadio
This is a pre-concert interview with Toni Harris.  She will be playing live at Catholic Underground on March 14, 2014 at 7 pm.  The show will take place at Mount Saint Mary's College at 330 Powell Ave Newburgh, NY 12550.  On the 15th she will be performing live at the Church of the Assumption at 9 am.  The Church of the Assumption is located at 131 Union Ave Peekskill, NY 10566

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Catholic Music History

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This show went particularly well.  In the first few minutes the announcement that was promised regarding Catholic Music history was announced.  At the end of the show the Uncut Diamondz gave away some of their music.  Enjoy the show.

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Is Catholic Hip Hop an Oxymoron?

Online Christianity Radio at Blog Talk Radio with FatherRosadodotcom talk on BlogTalkRadio
This show was recorded at 11:00 pm Eastern Time on 3/6/14.  It is an interview with The Symbol.  He is a Catholic Hip Hop Artist.  On the show we discussed whether Catholic Hip Hop is an Oxymoron or a legitimate method of evangelization for the youth, young adults and the unchurched.

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Go Fishing on Ash Wednesday

Today, Ash Wednesday is one of the busiest days of the year.  Today, everyone is Catholic.  As many of us know many Catholics who normally do not attend Mass will be present.  Although Mass times have been published on our website, bulletin and online newslettter, people will still call and ask "when are they giving out the ashes?"  On a human level it can be annoying but this is our chance to go fishing!  No I  don't mean literally fishing, I mean fishing for souls.  This is one of those moments throughout the year in which with our kindness and charity we can bring people back to the Church!   Their are many ways in which this can be accomplished.  First and foremost I think simply being kind to the people and not demonstrating how physically and mentally tired we are might work.  People will see a happy priest.  If the priest is happy their must be a reason.  As we know Jesus is the reason.


Another method of evangelizaiton is to hand out free Catholic cds, books and pamphlets from the Mary Foundation.  They are given away at incredibly low prices or for free at: http://www.catholicity.com/    These cds have worked well in my parish.  Hopefully, they will change someones life tomorrow.


A third method of evangelization is to distribute the materials from CatholicsComeHome.org  This organization has placed commercials on TV and the are dedicated to bringing people back to the Catholic Church.  At the end of the day we might not see most of these people until Christmas.  However, if just one person returns to Mass every Sunday then all of the money, time and effort placed into bringing them back is worthwhile.  May we all, bishops, priests, deacons, nuns, religious brothers and all of God's Faithful be his evangelizers today.


Tune into to my Internet Radio Show FatherRosadoDotCom Talk Radio tonight (3/5/14)  at 11 PM Eastern Time to learn more about the Holy Season of Lent and Ash Wednesday.  You will be able to ask me questions on the air as well.  More information about the show is available at the FatherRosado Internet Radio page.

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