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Posted by Administrator on Jul 25 2021
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7/25/21 My dear Parishioners, Tempus Fugit, a Latin term meaning time flies. I have spent a wonderful four years in this parish, thanks to all of you. This is the longest I have ever been assigned at one parish, previously, in three years or fewer I would be reassigned. When I first arrived in 2017, everything here was new and many of your faces were unfamiliar. Now, I am leaving what has truly become a home. As I drove around Spring Valley, past several of your homes, I would point out to my sister “Parishioners live here”. Thank you for inviting me into your homes for prayer, blessings, fraternity and, of course, great food! You will all be missed. My new parish will be Saint Christopher/Saint Margaret Mary at 130 Midland Ave. Staten Island, NY 10306. My mailing address is PO Box 60139,Staten Island, NY 10306. My phone number will remain 845.251.0920.My e-mail address is fatherrosado[at]pm[dot]me. I will be an hour and 20 minutes to the south of the Church of Saint Joseph/Saint Boniface. I hope my new parishioners will be as welcoming as all of you have been to me. God Bless You! Keep your eyes on Jesus! Often use the Sacrament of Reconciliation! In Christ, Rev. Adaly Rosado, Jr.

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