Obedience is like a Diamond?

Obedience is like a Diamond in the rough.  When diamonds are first pulled out of the ground they can be dirty with mud.  They are also in rough shape and not ready to be placed into a ring or a chalice. However, after they are cleaned and cut diamonds are amazingly beautiful and ready to be set.  The same is true with obedience.  In the beginning, what is asked in obedience might not make sense nor is it desirable.  After a while however, the object of obedience becomes as beautiful as a diamond.  An example of this in my own life is when I was first sent to Saint John's as a seminarian.  I had never heard of Goshen, NY until I was assigned there.  The first week was rough, I didn't know anyone, there seemed to be anyone on the street and it was very quiet.  I originally grew up in the Bronx so this was all too different for me.  After my three years as a seminarian I was about to be ordained as a priest and I asked God to give me the gift of being assigned to Saint John's in Goshen, NY.  God was good to me and I was able to serve my first three years as a priest in Saint John's in Goshen, NY.  They were three wonderful years.  My diamond in the rough shined brightly.  I was very sad to leave my beloved parish and its people. My new diamond in the rough is my new assignment here in Incarnation in Manhattan.  I hope that in three years I will feel the same about my new parish as I did about my old parish.  So far the people here at Incarnation are wonderful.  Please pray for me and for all priests who have been transferred that we may get our diamonds in the rough to shine like the Star of David.   

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